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Hello, we're Rising Vibe. Traditionally, you would call us a ‘people development’ or ‘change management’ business. But we don’t do traditional.

We’re Culture Consultants, using emotion to drive cultural change.

A ‘culture’ is a way of life for a group of people. It’s based on a certain set of ideas and values, which determine the behaviours that are expected and accepted within that culture.

So many people in the corporate world talk about the culture within their business, using descriptions like ‘culture of belonging’, ‘learning culture’ or ‘coaching culture’. But what do these statements mean exactly?

Certain values are used to underpin ‘the culture’ but there’s no explicit clarity around what is expected from the people working within it. There’s nothing tangible. So how are people supposed to live and breathe their ‘culture’, when they don’t really know what it is?

We help our clients define or refine the culture they WANT – Point B.

What does it look and feel like?

What behaviours are expected and why are they important?

What are the success criteria?

We help our clients get to grips with the culture they currently HAVE – Point A.

How are the people within the business currently showing up and behaving?

Do accepted behaviours conflict with what is expected?

What are the cultural challenges within the business? Here are the most common issues that we support our clients with:

  1. Underperformance as a result of burnout, stress and low resilience. People expected to be agile, yet have to do more with less.
  2. Poor or no communication. People not giving feedback, saying what they mean or asking for what they need.
  3. False economy approach. Short term ‘tick-boxing’ exercises rather than investment in strategic learning, development and change solutions with clear outcomes.
  4. Political correctness around performance management, diversity and inclusion driving a fear of getting it wrong, resulting in resistance.
  5. People not making the individual or collective changes that the business needs to deliver better results.
  6. Silo working resulting in a breakdown of trust and collaboration.
  7. Disconnection between the senior leadership team and the wider organisation.

We design and deliver corporate learning and development programmes that help businesses move from their current culture – Point A, to their desired culture – Point B.

But we do things differently here.

We use emotion to drive the cultural change.

‘Business’ and ‘emotion’ are rarely in the same sentence, but they should be. When our mental health is in turmoil, we underperform at work. As a result, business productivity suffers.

To get the very best out of people, we must consider how they’re feeling and create an environment where they’re allowed to be human. We believe that every organisation should place wellbeing at the very heart of its culture, because when you look after the human, business performance takes care of itself.

Rising Vibe will help your organisation feel better to do better.
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