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Hello, we're Rising Vibe. We’re Culture Consultants, using emotion to drive cultural change.

Traditionally, you might call us a ‘people development’ or ‘change management’ business. But we don’t do traditional. We work with our clients to create a culture that is Social Pain Free.

We help you define or refine your business culture.

A ‘culture’ is a way of life for a group of people. It’s based on a certain set of ideas and values, which determine the behaviours that are expected and accepted within that culture.

So many people in the corporate world talk about the culture within their business, using descriptions like ‘culture of belonging’, ‘learning culture’ or ‘coaching culture’. Certain values are used to underpin ‘the culture’ but there’s no explicit clarity around what is expected from the people working within it. So how are people supposed to ‘live and breathe’ their culture, when they don’t really know what it looks or feels like in reality?

We help you diagnose the social pain within your business culture.

We can trace every cultural challenge within a business back to social pain. When the people within a business are in social pain they feel isolated. Rejected. Unheard. Misunderstood. Judged. Blamed. Undervalued. Disconnected. And it’s having a huge impact on business performance.

Social pain is cited in every piece of research on work-related stress. It’s a huge driver for absenteeism, presenteeism and leavism. Put simply, social pain affects your bottom line. Looking after the wellbeing of the people within your business isn’t pink and fluffy. It’s fundamental to business success.

Click here to see the most common cultural challenges that we help our clients solve.

We help you create an SPF (Social Pain Free) Culture.

An SPF culture enables an environment where your people feel safe enough to be themselves. It isn’t about being high vibe all the time. When everyone in the business can be real, there’s no pressure to be permanently positive. Instead, if they choose to, people can be optimistic, hopeful and have more opportunities to feel better. Even if it’s only by the smallest margin.

When you work with Rising Vibe to create an SPF culture, your people feel SAFE. They’re open. Honest. They have the conversations that matter. They say how they’re really feeling. They feel valued and reconnect with their colleagues and the business. They’re motivated. Energised. Passionate. They feel better, so they do better. And the business does better. A lot better.

We believe that every organisation should place wellbeing at the very heart of its culture, because when you take care of your people the business takes care of itself.

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