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We all want to feel good, right?

Imagine genuinely feeling good every day. For real. No pretending. When people ask how we are and we say ‘fine thanks’, we really are fine. Imagine that?! Well, it’s possible. In my keynote speech at the Spa Life International Conference last week in Birmingham, I talked about how, by controlling our thoughts and managing our…

Role modelling for real change

 When my daughter Martha was little, like most pre-school kids, she was terrible at sharing. The tantrums at play dates were becoming a problem and I knew it was serious when we weren’t getting invited out as much as we used to. I needed my Mum mates. So for my sanity at least, things had…

Making Learning Stick through Attention Density.

Do you ever find yourself saying things like ‘I have no confidence when it comes to public speaking,’ or ‘I’m really terrible at Maths,’ or even the dreaded ‘I’m not good enough.’ If you’re running negative internal dialogue, you’ll become your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Telling yourself day after day that you have no confidence, guarantees…

Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. Mindful leaders?

Ok, ok. Go wipe the coffee from your laptop screen, take a deep breath and hear me out. Donald Trump has said some pretty controversial things. His comments are considered unacceptable to many. But we all know this. And there will be a million blogs out there telling us what we already know. What interests…