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10 Ways to be a Scary Leader

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1. Focus only on Roles, Responsibilities and Objectives Give no consideration to what else your team may need to stay motivated and feel supported. One sure way to generate disengagement and under-performance. 2. Don’t Manage Under-performance This is a brilliant way to negatively impact those in the team that are performing well. 3. Don’t Trust…

Mind-set for success – what makes a champion?

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 mind-set(mīnd′sĕt′) 1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations 2. An inclination or a habit With the start of Wimbledon fortnight – we will of course be backing Andy Murray to recreate the magic of last year. But what sets champions apart from those great players?…

What we can learn from nature….

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Most birds that fly in V formation have a long journey and fly at extreme altitudes. In the current economic climate there are lots of metaphoric links that we can make to individuals, team and organisations and the long journeys they are travelling on, a

Stay True To Yourself……

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Not being true to yourself can take many forms. The most commonly reported self-sabotaging behaviours are:

wanting to please people
fear of rejection
inability to commit
expecting reprisal