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Emotional support for men in business


Work is the second biggest trigger point for male depression behind relationship breakdown. Yet if you Google ‘support for men in business’, you’ll find pages of information geared up towards supporting women, but nothing for the men.

Men are much less likely to seek help in the workplace. Why? Because the organisational culture doesn’t support it.

In fact, within most organisational cultures, it’s actively discouraged.

When men are struggling at work, they don’t show up with the same ‘conventional’ low vibe emotions, so feelings of depression and anxiety can be harder to spot.

Our research shows that men don’t come forward and seek help at work because they:

  • Struggle with emotional literacy – Feel unable to find the words to help them explain how they feel. This can give rise to unhelpful and unhealthy coping strategies that are sometimes labelled ‘toxic masculinity.’
  • Need permission to talk – There’s no dedicated time or safe space within the workplace that gives men permission to share how they’re feeling.
  • Are stuck in a masculine identity Fearing what people will think if they step away from the conditioned and ingrained ‘norms’ of masculinity.
  • Are lacking male role models – That not only show up to work being real with their emotions, but are also OK with that.
  • Feel they don’t have the right to ask for help – On paper they appear to ‘have it all’, but are conflicted with the shame around not feeling good.
  • Believe emotion = weakness – Being emotional is seen by many men as being ‘weak’, which is one of their biggest shame triggers.
‘CALLING OUT The Men’ means to us:
  • Calling out men in business to come forward and be OK with not being OK publicly
  • Calling out the men who negatively challenge the men who do do this to mind their business!
  • Calling out the women who have men in their lives to watch out for them
Calling Out the Men enables the cultural changes that organisations need, in order to provide emotional support for men as well as women.

Yes it’s good to talk and there’s no shame in feeling low. Yes, owning your depression and anxiety is key. But then what? How do men move forwards?

Calling Out The Men Culture Development Programmes

Our Calling Out the Men culture development programmes drive cultural change by:
  • Providing businessmen with a practical approach to feeling better, using the tools and the language that resonates with the way men talk, think and function.
  • Using emotion to challenge low vibe behaviour with compassion and care, creating safe spaces in which men have the permission they need to talk, own and ultimately change how they feel.
  • Showing businesses the importance of role modelling to drive this cultural change, supporting senior leaders to go first and demonstrate to the wider organisation the impact that emotion can have on business performance.
Is your business ready for real cultural change? For more information on our men only learning and development programmes, please get in touch today.

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