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Emotional Support for Men in the Business World

Mental Health Awareness is at large. And so it should be. Especially for Men.
Men struggle more than women to talk, share and address low vibe emotions. We are addressing this head-on. We are challenging the mental illness “label” but not dismissing it.

Yes it’s good to talk. Yes there’s no shame in feeling low. Yes owning your depression and anxiety is key. But then what? What next? How do you move through it? How do you move forwards? How do you learn to ‘feel better’?

Calling Out The Men helps men feel better to do better in the corporate world, in their own businesses and at home.

We provide men only learning solutions and support networks that mean they have a safe space to develop and grow with support and challenge, as well as talking, sharing and owning the low vibe emotions.

We are known for supporting the male population with development and growth by using emotion to challenge mind-set and enable transformational change.


Are Struggling with emotional literacy.
Feeling unable to find the words that help explain how they feel, which can give rise to unhelpful and unhealthy coping strategies.

Need permission.
No dedicated time or safe environment in business that gives them permission to share how they’re feeling.

Are stuck in a masculine identity.
The fear of what people will think if they step away from the conditioned and ingrained ‘norms’ of masculinity.

Are lacking role models.
No male role models in business, that not only show up being real with their emotions, but are OK with that.

Are afraid to ask for help.
Because men see asking for help as ‘weak’ and because they might appear on paper to ‘have it all’, they feel shame admitting they don’t feel good and might not believe they have the right to ask.

Believe emotions = weakness.
Being emotional is seen by many men as being ‘weak.’ Weakness is one of the biggest shame triggers for men.

Calling Out The Men Corporate Development Programmes

Programmes are delivered over a 6-12mth period, and are a mix of one to one coaching, group workshops, online support and remote learning.


• Providing emotional support for men in the business world to enable growth, challenge mind-set and drive transformational change

• Targeting the individual to drive organisational and cultural change

• Role modeling to the wider organisation the impact that emotion in business can have, especially for men

• Proving that supporting emotional health for men also supports women within the organisation

• To support Senior Leaders to role model and go first.


• By enabling and encouraging individuals to focus on their own specific development need to enable a sense of sustained ‘feeling better’ going forwards

• By explicitly identifying and defining this individual and specific development need

• By using a coaching approach throughout to challenge and support and get underneath what really needs to change by getting to the heart of the issue

• The Rising Vibrational Scale is used as a backdrop throughout all programmes

Coming in 2020 – Our FREE Online COTM Personal Development Programme for male veterans and men in the emergency services.

An 8 week self-coaching programme with supporting videos and materials taken at your own pace.

More information to follow.

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