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Calling out the Men Stories – Part 4

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As part of our Calling Out the Men campaign, I wanted to give you some insight into some real life stories around emotional wellbeing for men in business. I’d like to thank David for taking the time to talk about his challenges and experiences. What is it about the Calling Out the Men campaign that…

Functioning Fakeaholic verses Fake it ‘till you make it.

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You go to work every day and do your job. To your colleagues, you appear motivated. Calm. Driven. All the things that are actively encouraged in business. But the reality is different. Underneath it all you’re anxious. Stressed. Worried about what others think. You have no work/life balance. You’re losing sleep. And with a mounting…

Calling Out the Men Stories – Part 2

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I’d like to thank Steve Picken from ITV for being brave enough to put his name to this blog and for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk about his personal challenges and experiences. What was it about the Calling Out the Men campaign that made you want to contribute?  A friend…

This Movember we’re Calling Out The Men.

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In the month that focuses on male health and wellbeing, this Movember, we’re calling out the men. The Rising Vibe strapline is ‘Feel Better. Do Better.’ We focus on emotions to make shifts. By changing the way we think, we can change the way we feel and therefore change the way we show up. When…

Bring emotion back to business.

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You don’t often see or hear that. ‘Emotion’ and ‘business’ in the same sentence. Traditionally, we don’t talk about our feelings and emotions at work. We leave them at home and we just get on with it. All this emotional chat is incense burning, sandal wearing pink and fluffy BS and has no place in…

Giving up too easily? It’s just not cricket.

This Summer I decided to sponsor a cricket team, partly because my Brother plays for them but mostly because, as the classic reggae song states, I don’t like cricket, I love it! I come from a family of cricket fans. Watching the cricket immediately makes me feel better. Sitting outside on a warm summers day…

Call out your Shame!

Shame. Ugh. It really is one of the worst feelings isn’t it? On the Rising Vibrational Scale it’s right the way down at the bottom. Shame comes from the most negative, destructive thoughts and drives the same feelings. If left unchecked, shame can have a devastating impact. Shame shows up everywhere and we need to…

We all want to feel good, right?

Imagine genuinely feeling good every day. For real. No pretending. When people ask how we are and we say ‘fine thanks’, we really are fine. Imagine that?! Well, it’s possible. In my keynote speech at the Spa Life International Conference last week in Birmingham, I talked about how, by controlling our thoughts and managing our…