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Making Learning Stick through Attention Density.

Do you ever find yourself saying things like ‘I have no confidence when it comes to public speaking,’ or ‘I’m really terrible at Maths,’ or even the dreaded ‘I’m not good enough.’ If you’re running negative internal dialogue, you’ll become your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Telling yourself day after day that you have no confidence, guarantees…
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For Mother’s Day – Our thoughts on the authentic feminine

The authentic feminine – an untapped business resource. Mother’s Day is a celebration of feminine energy. It can be a time of reflection back to our own childhood. If we were lucky enough, we had strong female influences in our lives. Our mothers, grandmas, aunties or big sisters nurtured us. They intuitively knew when we…
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Use Story Telling to Support Connection and Build Trust….

As well as bringing concepts and models to life, story-telling supports connection and builds trust. When we disclose something about ourselves it makes us more real and accessible. We have always believed in the power of self-disclosure through story-telling, and the work that we are doing with schools has further reinforced this belief. During our…
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Ten things to consider when building relationship resilience at work

With the ever increasing problem of both absenteeism and presenteeism, relationship resilience in the workplace is more important than ever. Here are our top ten areas to consider: Work-related Stress. ‘Not getting along with people’ is consistently cited as a reason for work-related stress. Building relationship resilience is critical in the work environment to alleviate…
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How to build your workplace relationship resilience

‘Not getting along with people’ is consistently cited as a reason for work-related stress, and I would bet that at least 50% of every team, at one point in time, are working with at least one person that they find it difficult to be around. This could a line manager, a peer, a direct report,…
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ABC – Always Be Closing?….We say Always Be Connecting! Why selling with a coaching approach gets results.

When coaching is mentioned people often think of ‘life coaching’, or scheduled one to one sessions in a private environment with action plans and follow up. This is the case for many coaching interventions, however we can address a variety of situations and interactions with a ‘coaching approach’. A conversation using a coaching approach involves…
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Mind-set for success – what makes a champion?

 mind-set(mīnd′sĕt′) 1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations 2. An inclination or a habit With the start of Wimbledon fortnight – we will of course be backing Andy Murray to recreate the magic of last year. But what sets champions apart from those great players?…
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