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Calling Out the Men Stories – Part 2

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I’d like to thank Steve Picken from ITV for being brave enough to put his name to this blog and for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk about his personal challenges and experiences. What was it about the Calling Out the Men campaign that made you want to contribute?  A friend…

This Movember we’re Calling Out The Men.

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In the month that focuses on male health and wellbeing, this Movember, we’re calling out the men. The Rising Vibe strapline is ‘Feel Better. Do Better.’ We focus on emotions to make shifts. By changing the way we think, we can change the way we feel and therefore change the way we show up. When…

Authentic Masculine Energy.

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We all know a ‘really great guy.’ A father, brother, uncle, friend or work colleague, we’re instantly attracted to their noble heart. They’re kind. Respectful. Assertive yet tender and protecting. We feel good when we’re around them, safe and empowered. They harness their authentic masculine energy.  Yet in today’s high pressured, fast paced, target driven…