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Bring emotion back to business.

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You don’t often see or hear that. ‘Emotion’ and ‘business’ in the same sentence. Traditionally, we don’t talk about our feelings and emotions at work. We leave them at home and we just get on with it. All this emotional chat is incense burning, sandal wearing pink and fluffy BS and has no place in…

Giving up too easily? It’s just not cricket.

This Summer I decided to sponsor a cricket team, partly because my Brother plays for them but mostly because, as the classic reggae song states, I don’t like cricket, I love it! I come from a family of cricket fans. Watching the cricket immediately makes me feel better. Sitting outside on a warm summers day…

How To Motivate Your Team

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We regularly work with teams to support their development, as well as deliver learning around the subject of leadership. You will find a multitude of information around how to motivate and engage as a leader, and in our experience focusing on these 10 areas will do this pretty damn well! 1. Help them get what…

ABC – Always Be Closing?….We say Always Be Connecting! Why selling with a coaching approach gets results.

When coaching is mentioned people often think of ‘life coaching’, or scheduled one to one sessions in a private environment with action plans and follow up. This is the case for many coaching interventions, however we can address a variety of situations and interactions with a ‘coaching approach’. A conversation using a coaching approach involves…

10 Ways to be a Scary Leader

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1. Focus only on Roles, Responsibilities and Objectives Give no consideration to what else your team may need to stay motivated and feel supported. One sure way to generate disengagement and under-performance. 2. Don’t Manage Under-performance This is a brilliant way to negatively impact those in the team that are performing well. 3. Don’t Trust…

What we can learn from nature….

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Most birds that fly in V formation have a long journey and fly at extreme altitudes. In the current economic climate there are lots of metaphoric links that we can make to individuals, team and organisations and the long journeys they are travelling on, a