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COVID-19 Support

Unfortunately, the term ‘COVID-19’ is familiar to all of us right now.

The pace at which this has moved from a concern to a serious issue, has shocked most of us. It’s not only impacting people’s health, which of course is at the forefront of most people’s minds, it’s also impacting the economy and businesses, large and small.

Here at Rising Vibe, we’ve had to make some immediate significant changes to the ways in which we’re working and the structure of the team, to be able to cope in the short term.

We know we’re not alone with this.

We’re not pandemic experts. We’re not economy experts. We’re experts in using emotion to shift mindset so that we can feel better, more often. Whatever life throws as us. Even COVID-19.

This is how we’re going to help you and your business.

There are three phases to how we’ll support you.

Phase 1: Find Relief

A feeling of reassurance, following release from anxiety or distress.

Phase 2: Build Resilience

The capacity to recover (quickly) from difficulties.

Phase 3: Enable Recovery

A return to a NEW ‘normal’ state of health, mind or strength.

We’re focused on phase 1 right now and we’ve no idea how long it will last. But know that we’ll be alongside you, however long it takes.

We’re developing a suite of online programmes RIGHT NOW. These will:

  • Deliver simple and practical tools, techniques, methodologies and frameworks that will help your people find relief and feel better more often, during this difficult time.
  • Support your business to survive this phase and enable recovery in the future.

Investing in this kind of support right now might feel completely counter intuitive, but we promise you that helping your people help themselves right now, is the only option we’ve got.

Contact me at lou.banks@rising-vibe.com so we can get started.