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COVID-19 Support

Only 14% of the challenges we have supported our clients with over the past 6 months have been COVID specific. The remaining 86% were there way before this pandemic even hit.

There is now a constant reference to the ‘new normal’. People are starting to transition back into the office, or are having to start to think about it. People are being brought back into the business from furlough, or being made redundant. The focus on guidelines, distancing and safety measures is clear to us all, as are the comments all over social media about the state of the economy. But when it comes to organisational culture – how much of it is really ‘new’?


Having to get used to working from home has been new. Learning how to home school your kids has been new. Having to understand your elderly parents shopping list has been new. Having to build new relationships and nurture existing ones online has been new. People being expected to do more with less, not giving feedback and feeling unable to deal with performance management issues is not new. A sense of urgency driving tick box solutions, people working in silos, resisting change and feeling disconnected from the wider organisation is not new.

These are the issues that we have been supporting our clients to solve for years. And now more than ever we must get refocused in these areas to enable some form of recovery within the business world. COVID has been tough, but it’s not an excuse.

Here at Rising Vibe our focus is to help you recover your culture.

We are Culture Consultants who are experts in using emotion to drive cultural change. We believe there is an ideal opportunity to choose the culture you want in the future if we learn from our experiences over the past few months.

We’ve developed a webinar series and online leadership programme AVAILABLE NOW. These will:

  • Deliver simple and practical tools, techniques, methodologies and frameworks that will help your people to feel better more often
  • Support your workforce to apply the learning from the past months to ongoing issues, to enable recovery now and success in the future

Continuing to invest in this kind of support will enable you to help your people to help themselves. If your people feel better, they do better and you then have the best chance of delivering consistent business results.

Contact me at lou.banks@rising-vibe.com so we can get started.