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COVID-19 Support

The COVID-19 pandemic is still having a huge impact on all our lives, but things seem to be settling.

The same concerns are present, but the anxiety has shifted from a focus on health, to a focus on getting back to ‘business as usual’. Our clients are telling us that they’re desperate for the ‘new normal,’ but have concerns around what that means going forwards.

Here at Rising Vibe, the changes we made in the first few weeks of the crisis have enabled us to survive this first phase. Our focus now, is to take the learning into the next phase.

We know we’re not alone in this.

We are Culture Consultants who are experts in using emotion to drive cultural change. We believe there is an ideal opportunity to choose the culture you want in the future if we learn from our experiences over the past few months. Resilience is always talked about in the workplace and right now it is the critical piece of the puzzle.

This is how we’re going to help you and your business.

There are three phases to how we’ll support you. We’re coming to the end of phase one and starting phase two.

Phase 1: Find Relief

A feeling of reassurance, following release from anxiety or distress.

Phase 2: Build Resilience

The capacity to recover (quickly) from difficulties.

Phase 3: Enable Recovery

A return to a NEW ‘normal’ state of health, mind or strength.

We’re now focused on phase two and we’re with you, however long it takes.

We’ve developed a suite of online programmes AVAILABLE NOW. These will:

  • Deliver simple and practical tools, techniques, methodologies and frameworks that will help your people build resilience and feel better more often, during this difficult time.
  • Support your workforce to apply the learning so far, to enable recovery in the future.

Continuing to invest in this kind of support will enable you to help your people to help themselves. If your people feel better, they do better and you then have the best chance of delivering consistent business results.

Contact me at lou.banks@rising-vibe.com so we can get started.