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Meet The Family

Thinkers. Tinkers. Doers. Dreamers. Writers. Wrongers. Number sorters. Meet the Rising Vibe Family.

Delivery Team
Creative, Brand and Marketing Team
Support Team
Delivery Team

Our Vibe:

We keep it simple and make it practical – We love theories and concepts but we make sure that you can use them.

We’re not afraid to challenge and say what we mean – You’re paying us for results, which sometimes means the client isn’t always right!

We practice what we preach – We expect you to dig deep to get to the heart of the issue, and all of us are committed to do the same.

We’re OK not being OK – Being positive all the time is impossible, so we acknowledge and own our real emotions.

We’re warm, welcoming and make meaningful connections –We’re open, we listen and we’re right ‘in it’ with you.

We love a laugh – We appreciate the power of humour when learning.

Lou Banks


Becky Craig

Client Partner

Ginette Oliver

Client Partner
We’re adding to the family. Page to be updated soon.
Creative, Brand and Marketing Team

Steve Buckley

Brand and Creative Development

Jenny Mac

Creative and Communications Copywriting

Sarah Bennett

Digital and Social Media Marketing
Support Team

Wendy Cole

Team and Client Support Manager

Deana Tidby

Finance Manager

Colin Harrison

IT Support

The Rising Vibe family will help you feel better so that you do better. Please get in touch today