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Jenny Mac

Creative and Communications Partner

4 words that best describe you. Go!

Unconventional. Sociable. Adventurous. Compassionate.

How do you raise your vibe?

I pack a picnic and head up to the Lake District with my family. Walking the fells is like a reset button. Room to breathe, room to think and room to reflect. Also Glastonbury always restores my faith in humanity.

When or where do you do your best thinking?

When I’m driving.

Name a song that feeds your soul and makes you feel better.

Trenchtown Rock – Bob Marley. Reggae always makes me feel better. It’s like a shot of sunshine.

If you could wax lyrical with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

The very much alive, Ekhart Tolle. I think he’s a visionary. His books The Power of Now and A New Earth had a profound effect on me. Even though he looks like Mr Tumnus.

The Rising Vibe family will help you feel better so that you do better. Please get in touch today.