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Digital and social media marketing.

4 words that best describe you. Go!

Energetic. Driven. Creative. Kind

How do you raise your vibe?

Going for a run with my running friends, playing team sports like netball or football or doing a gym class (Body Combat/Pump).

When or where do you do your best thinking?

I get my best ideas when I’m out for a run.

Name a song that feeds your soul and makes you feel better.

I was a huge ABBA fan & Dancing Queen was my favourite song. It still gives me goose bumps when I hear it now. It’s also a pretty good running track too!

If you could wax lyrical with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Jessica Ennis-Hill and Kelly Holmes are two big heroines of my older daughter and me. I would love to find out what motivated them and how they kept going during difficult times.

The Rising Vibe family will help you feel better so that you do better. Please get in touch today.