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Personal Development Programmes

Is there something that you want to feel better about? Or do you want to make your dreams a reality?

Personal Development Programmes

Is there something in your life that you don’t feel good about? Maybe you’re trying to manage a relationship that feels difficult with a partner, colleague, friend or family member? Confidence issues? Career crossroads? Do you feel like you have no influence? Feel unheard or invisible? OR do you simply want help moving forwards with your dreams and aspirations? Be supported, challenged and held to account?

Once we’re able to understand our inner world (our thoughts and feelings), then the outer world can no longer negatively impact us.

Our Keeping It Real online programmes help you feel good on the inside, raising your vibe, so that you can be the very best you can be.

Keeping it Real Interactive
Keeping It Real Solo
One to One Coaching
Keeping it Real Interactive

An 8-week interactive Facebook programme. Explore thoughts, feelings and ideas as well as concerns and fears, as they happen with like-minded people.

  • Discover thought provoking content, videos and comprehensive worksheets.
  • Q&A sessions every week.
  • Access to the Keeping It Real community.
  • Be held accountable for your learning.
  • Opportunity to apply your learning immediately.

9 week schedule:

Week 1 – Thoughts, Feelings and The Rising Vibrational Scale
Week 2 – Beliefs, Created Thought and the Reptilian Brain
Week 3 – What & Why versus When & How
Week 4 – Inner World versus Outer World
Week 5 – Consolidation week
Week 6 – Problem versus Outcome Focus
Week 7 – Boundaries & Self Care
Week 8 – Change Equation


This programme brings you powerful content, a fantastic safe community to work within and a weekly Q&A session. A sure way to deliver results that are best for you.

To book a place click here or find out more, please get in touch today, at hello@rising-vibe.com

Keeping It Real Solo

Or maybe you want to go it alone? The Keeping It Real Solo course helps you raise your vibe, one at a time, in a space that works for you.

  • Access the same great content as the Interactive programme.
  • Comprehensive worksheets.
  • Explore thoughts, feelings and ideas in your own time, using our collection of pre-recorded videos.

The same great results, on your own terms.

To find out more, please get in touch today, at hello@rising-vibe.com

One to One Coaching

For a much more personal and intensive approach to change, choose one-to-one coaching.

Our one-to-one coaching programme is a more personal and intensive way to challenge your thinking, helping you to move towards a specific goal or outcome.

  • Experiences are used for learning.
  • Strengths are reinforced.
  • Challenges are explored.
  • You will be held to account around your actions and development.

We work with you one-to-one for a minimum of 6 hours, split over a 3 to 6mth period. Longer programmes are available.

To find out more, please get in touch today, at hello@rising-vibe.com

To find out more, please get in touch today