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Rising Vibe are redefining mental health in the workplace.

Neuroscience tells us that social pain is felt in the same way as physical pain and it’s having a huge impact on business performance. We’re challenging business leaders to step up, show up and set a ‘new normal’ around mental health.

With 25 years of experience in operations and business coaching, our Founder and CEO Lou Banks has developed one mission – use emotion to drive cultural change in business.

It’s about being ok, with not being ok. It’s about building trust within organisations so that we feel safe to share how we really feel. It’s about feeling better so that we do better. Getting to grips with emotion is the game-changer that can allow businesses to reach their true potential.

Lou speaks to the individual. An articulate, high energy communicator, she gets right to the heart of the issue, unafraid to challenge and quick to inspire. She makes real connections with real people, challenging mindset to enhance performance, balancing soft skills with a heavy dose of reality.

Rising Vibe enjoy working with journalists around the world to share our insight. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk to us, please get in touch by emailing: press@rising-vibe.com

Whatever the media angle, with Lou you’ll be guaranteed plenty of banter, lots of learning, but no bullshit.


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