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Problems We Solve

You have a business to run and you want results. You want your people to deliver what is expected of them, so you need them to be the very best they can be, every day.

But sometimes they’re not.

You also have a workforce of human beings with complex feelings and emotions. Confidence can wobble. Motivation dips. There can be disengagement. Lack of concentration. Slow delivery. Targets are missed. There can be a whole range of complex challenges running through your business culture. And they all come from social pain.

Here are the most common cultural challenges around social pain that we solve with our clients:

Low Resilience
Your people are expected to do more with less – they’re stressed out, burnt out and unhappy with nothing left in the tank.

Poor communication
Your people feel unsafe and disconnected, so they’re not giving feedback, saying what they really mean or being honest about what they need.

Tick boxing
Budget cuts, cost saving and an unrealistic sense of urgency drive short term ‘tick box’ solutions that don’t deliver and leave your people feeling frustrated, miserable and stuck.

Political correctness
Your people feel unable to handle issues around diversity, inclusion and performance management. They’re gripped with fear around getting it wrong and suffering the consequences.

Resistance to change
Your people are angry, afraid and resentful of relentless business change, so can’t or won’t make the decisions they need to move the business forwards.

Silo working
Self-preservation driven by fear or lack of clarity leads to isolation. Your people don’t trust anyone, so become unwilling or unable to collaborate and share ideas.

Disconnected Leadership
Your people feel misunderstood, unheard or unable to influence due to the breakdown of trust and connection between senior leadership and the wider organisation.

Depression is predicted to be the biggest health problem in the world by 2030. Absenteeism, presenteeism and leavism are on the rise. Mental health is a ticking time bomb for employers, if we continue to ignore social pain at work.

Rising Vibe design and deliver learning and development solutions that help businesses create a Social Pain Free culture, using emotion to drive the cultural change.

First, we help you define or refine the culture you want.

• What does an SPF culture look and feel like in your business?

• What behaviours are expected and why are they important?

• How will you measure success?

Then, we help you get to grips with the culture you currently have

• Where and how is social pain manifesting within the business?

• How are people currently showing up and behaving?

• Do accepted behaviours conflict with what is expected?

Using emotion as a guide, your people will learn how to get to grips with their thought patterns and be able to raise their vibe. In an SPF culture that enables them to feel safe and be themselves, the possibilities are endless.

If your organisation is experiencing any of these problems and the business is open to challenge, committed to change, in for the duration and ready to do the work with us, we can help you create an SPF culture, so that your people feel better and do better. 

To find out more, please get in touch today