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The Rising Vibrational Scale

The Rising Vibrational Scale is our foundation

It helps us to raise awareness around our inner world – how we're feeling and therefore what we're thinking.

Unless we're totally honest about how we really feel, it is difficult to move forwards as we don't understand where we are starting from. Once we know our starting point, we can take the best steps to manage our inner world, meaning that the outer world can't impact us as negatively anymore.

When we are aware of our feelings, we're more able to tap into the thoughts that are driving them. We can then ask ourselves whether these thoughts are serving us well or not. With practice, we're able to choose better thoughts that serve us well and help us feel better.

Our inner world has a huge impact on our lives. It dictates how we show up, and enables either the positive or negative impact that the outer world can have on us. It determines how we interact with family, friends and colleagues, our confidence levels, whether we have an influence or not and ultimately, how successful we are.

We all strive for positive feelings, and we're all starting from different points on the scale. Some of us are way down at the bottom and have a lot more ground to cover than others. Sometimes we feel terrible, and we shouldn't expect to make a quantum leap to joy. But just by making a small shift, we can feel a little bit better. The scale helps us recognise the small gains. If we're feeling low and afraid, then feeling less afraid by 1% is an improvement.

We can also move up and down the scale week-to-week, day-to-day and even hour-to-hour! Certain situations can trigger certain thoughts and feelings and we can stay stuck on a low vibe, whilst we're vibing really high about something else. It fluctuates and that's perfectly fine. What matters is that we're always aware and always noticing.

It isn't about a constant good mood, or eternal positivity.
It's about feeling better.
It's about finding relief.

All of us, if we want to, if we focus hard enough and we're open to help, can make a choice to feel better every day. We can move up the Rising Vibrational Scale and we can stay there.

Download the Rising Vibrational Scale worksheet to get started. To find out more, please get in touch today.

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