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The Rising Vibrational Scale

We all have the opportunity to feel better at work, every single day if we choose to. We just need to learn how to raise our vibration.

When we feel, we vibrate. We get a buzz when we feel good and when we’re low we feel gloomy. On entering a busy meeting room, we immediately pick up a vibe and this, more often than not determines which way the meeting will go.

When we vibe high and feel good, there’s little or no resistance to change.

We have enabling thoughts and beliefs. We feel motivated and enthusiastic about our work and can experience real joy. We’re truly brilliant and achieve great things from here.

When our vibe is low from social pain, we feel heavy and we resist.

We feel isolated. Rejected. Misunderstood. We have limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts. We might feel overwhelmed by our workload. We might doubt our ability to do the job. Worry can escalate into fear and despair. We’re functioning, but we’ll never fulfill our true potential from here.

A low vibe from social pain can quickly spread from the individual, through the team and entire organisation. This can have a hugely detrimental effect on the bottom line.

Unless we address our social pain in an environment that feels safe enough for us to do so, it’s very difficult to move forwards and business can stagnate.

This is where the Rising Vibrational Scale comes in.

The Rising Vibrational Scale is our diagnostic and ongoing measurement tool. First we use it to diagnose the social pain factor of your people as they acknowledge how they’re really feeling, often for the first time.

Once we’ve established the starting point, we delve into the thoughts that are driving these feelings. Working with the individual helps us gain insight into the social pain factor within the business as a whole.

With practice, focus and commitment, using the scale to ‘check-in’ regularly, your people can choose the thoughts that serve them better. They will start to feel better more often, so that they do better and the business does better.

But it isn’t about eternal positivity. Being positive all the time is impossible. When we’re in social pain, we might tell ourselves ‘it’ll be fine,’ which is an attempt to quantum leap up the scale. If instead we choose an optimistic frame and make a baby step shift by saying ‘it might not be as bad as I think,’ we’re more likely to believe it. Just by making a small shift, we can feel a little bit better.

The scale helps us recognise the small gains. If we’re feeling low and afraid, then feeling less afraid by 1% is an improvement.

It isn’t about feeling on top of the world.
It’s about finding relief.
It’s about feeling better.

All of us if we want to, if we focus hard enough, long enough and often enough and we’re open to help, can make a choice to feel better every day. We can move up the Rising Vibrational Scale and we can stay there, more often.

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