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Thought Leadership

When Lou Banks speaks, people listen.

And it’s not just because she’s an articulate, high-energy communicator. Or that her expertise in mindset and transformational change, can spark a light-bulb moment in the most skeptical of delegates. Or even that her boundless enthusiasm often results in the odd expletive here and there.

People listen to Lou Banks because she’s real. Straight-talking. Down-to-earth. With humility, conviction and absolute honesty, Lou connects with an audience on a truly personal level, sharing anecdotes and stories from her own life, sometimes difficult, often amusing, always heartfelt.

Lou takes complex psychological theory and transforms it into simple, accessible ideas. She offers real insight into how our thoughts and feelings drive the way in which we behave and ultimately, how we show up at work. She’s passionate about helping your business get to grips with emotions. Tackle thoughts. Address feelings. Because when this happens it can have a huge impact on business performance.

When Lou speaks, she speaks to the individual. In a room of 3 or 300, Lou gets right to the heart of the issue, unafraid to challenge and quick to inspire. When you book Lou Banks for your next event, there’ll be plenty of banter, lots of learning, but no bullshit.

Lou Banks is available for keynote and motivational speaking. For more information please email hello@rising-vibe.com.