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'Another Bloody Tangent’ Zoomcast pushes the envelope in unknown directions as the life of leadership is laid bare.

Host Lou Banks will be unravelling personal experiences of life as a leader during the unprecedented covid-19 crisis, revealing first hand accounts of overcoming challenge in business, finding relief during high pressure and uncovering how to get ready for and recover from adversity to rebuild a thriving work place culture. featuring some of the UK’s biggest names in business All Zoomcasts are filmed in one take so you can enjoy raw unedited insight like never before.

Why emotion belongs in business

In this episode we talk to Josh Krichefski, EMEA CEO of Global Media Agency Mediacom. Josh is a vocal supporter of mental health in the workplace with his passion stemming from his own personal experience with insomnia, anxiety and stress. Josh believes emotion has a very real place in business and it needs to start at the top with leaders being honest about how they are really feeling. More than ever mental health needs to be addressed in the workplace with the impact of COVID-19. Hear how Josh feels a personal sense of urgency to destigmatise what it means to reach out for help and how he demonstrates to employees and other business leaders that, to drive genuine behaviour change, you need to build an environment where everyone feels comfortable talking about their wellbeing.

Leading Through The Unknown with Explicit Clarity

In episode 2 of ‘Another Bloody Tangent’ Zoomcast we talk to Michael Ockwell, Chief Executive at Mayflower Theatre. Michael has been leading the theatre for nearly 8 years, and of course right now, like many, is finding his leadership role the most challenging so far due to the significant impact of COVID-19 on The Arts. The ongoing uncertainty surrounding this crisis means no-one has the answers, yet a workforce will always look to their leader to provide them. During this Zoomcast we talk about how you can still lead through the unknown with explicit clarity by saying what you mean, using radical candour and being honest about not knowing and how you are feeling.

Juggling an impossible work-life balance before, during and after covid-19

With many more working dads working from home and having to cope with childcare and home-schooling in the midst of covid-19, how do families juggle this unprecedented work life challenge and find relief where balance may feel unobtainable? Our guests James Millar, Han-Son Lee and Ian Dinwiddy are leading the campaign for normalizing shared parental leave, addressing the imbalance of paternity leave packages, closing the gender pay gap and encouraging employers to support flexible working for both mums and dads.

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